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MERA Real-World Asset (RWA) Investment Platform

Join us at the forefront of digital innovation with MERA INVEST, where we're gearing up to launch a pioneering platform for Real-World Asset (RWA) tokenization. Our upcoming platform will unveil a unique metaverse experience, crafted with the power of Unreal Engine, offering an immersive and realistic virtual environment. Anticipate the excitement mirrored in our already successful, sold-out NFT collection, which showcases our commitment to bridging the tangible and digital worlds. The $MERA token is your opportunity to be part of this groundbreaking venture, setting new standards in real estate investment and digital asset integration.

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Our Best Features

Explore the Best Features of MERA INVEST - Bridging Real Estate with the Metaverse. Our platform is crafted to transform your approach to property investment.

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Tokenized Real-World Asset Investments

MERA tokens allow for the direct tokenization of tangible real estate, enabling token holders to invest in physical properties seamlessly converted into digital assets.

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Access to Metaverse Real Estate

Holding MERA tokens grants access to unique real estate opportunities within our Unreal Engine-powered metaverse, blending the virtual with the real for an immersive investment experience.

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Enhanced Transaction Security

Utilize MERA tokens for secure and transparent real estate transactions, leveraging smart contract technology inherent in the blockchain for trust and efficiency.

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Sold-Out NFT Collection

Holding $MERA tokens aligns you with our platform's success, marked by our sold-out NFT, linking token holders with unique digital identities in our metaverse.

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Higher Investment Tiers

Accumulating MERA tokens enables investors to reach higher investment tiers, unlocking additional benefits and enhanced returns in our digital real estate portfolio.

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Preferred Pre-Allocation Privileges

$MERA token holders enjoy preferred pre-allocation for new real estate projects and listings, offering early investment opportunities and potential for higher gains.

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Tier 1 ($100 in $MERA Tokens)

As the base group, Tier 1 investors can allocate up to $1,000 in each new project and have the standard access priority to new projects on the MERA platform.

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Tier 2 ($1.000 in $MERA Tokens)

Tier 2 investors, with higher priority access, can contribute up to $10,000 per project. This tier suits high-level investors who prefer earlier involvement in new ventures.

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Tier 3 ($10.000 in $MERA Tokens)

As the top priority group, Tier 3 investors can invest up to $100,000 per project, gaining the earliest access to new projects and maximum investment opportunities.


Our Team Members

Driving Innovation in Real Estate through Blockchain Expertise.

Who we are

- Meet The Entire Team

Meet the MERA INVEST team, a dynamic blend of real estate, technology, and blockchain experts. United by our vision to revolutionize digital real estate, we combine diverse skills to innovate and lead in the metaverse. Our commitment goes beyond development; we're pioneers dedicated to shaping the future of property investment, bridging the digital and physical worlds.

  • Andre Wels

    Director & Founder


    Chief of Marketing


    Head of Operations

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    Comunity Manager




    Software Engineer

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    Software Engineer



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